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Log a ComplaintAmsterdamElectricity(Anonymous)0721234567
Please can we fix the globes on the main road's streetlights?
Thank you!

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Log a ComplainteMkhondoWaterH

I have reported damages to our storm water inlets (corner of Kort str and Auges Westhoff str) on verious times for tha last 4 weeks, up until now no attention was given to the problem. The storm water inlet lids were damages and will be blocking the storm water flow. Also on the night of 27th October the singboard was broken down and is laying on the pavement. Could someone please attend to the afore said.​

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General InquiryeMkhondoElectricityChristine Nel (C0442458)

​Good day,

I would like to email you the proof of payment.  Could i have the correct person who is dealing with this, email address please.  Also i would like to ask when the accounts get posted.  To date i have still not received anything.


Maybe also to suggest that accounts can be emailed to people instead of being printed and posted.  Will save on paper and cost of postage


Most appreciated





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Request ServiceOther/RuralElectricity(Anonymous)

Good Day


Please assist me. I am urgently looking for the statements from June 2015, we have tried calling your offices several times and no one seems to answer.


The account number is: 0000435483.

Stand no: A00-000000252- 0RE000-0000 VAN DYK 10A

Township/Ward 7


This would be appreciated.


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General InquiryeMkhondoCommunityLeon van

​Good Morning, 

May I please get the contact details and number for your Building Control Office for Building Plan Submission approvals?

Kind Regards,

Leon van Heerden

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General InquiryeMkhondoSafety(AnonymRaymond Fourieous)[013]

​I need to pay atraffic fine issued by Town Council of Piet Retief, want to pay via ETF.


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Request ServiceeMkhondoCommunitynathi

​I wooulk like to know what I do if I want a title deed for a site and when you inquire from the municipality you are told that the site is still under the municipality`s name and they are waiting for their loyers to do the first transfers before the site can have a title deed.

The problem is that it`s now two years and i`m still waiting.

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Log a

​1893 Long Homes, the whole street is dark. street lights are not working.

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Log a IssueAmsterdamMischiefCynthia

​Dear Sirs:

Please could you send someone from the department of health to 99 Vincent street in Amsterdam.

The people there are stabling horses in a built up area. They also let their dogs run around in the street posing a risk to children walking in the street.

Thank you,

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General InquiryeMkhondoElectricityBa & Px Sibiya0723117329/

​Please note that  that we request to cancel the water and lights account number:000432891 as the property has been sold

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Request ServiceeMkhondoElectricityDavid

Good day. I have been trying to contact the electrical department the whole day in connection with the disconnection of electricity at my last address of 1 Jasmyn Lane, Piet Retief. The phone would just ring and ring the never answered.



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Request ServiceeMkhondoElectricitydaniela de

​Good day we urgently need our account (acc number: 0000439688) as we have not received an account for January or February.

we cant get through on your phone lines either. please urgently send the account so we can be sure of payments due.

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Log a ComplainteMkhondoElectricityFehrzaana

​Account Number 0000408448

I have been calling and emailing since the 15/03/2017, the number is always engaged and no one answers the emails.

Please send the  latest statement immediately!

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Make a SuggestioneMkhondoElectricityFehrzaana

​Account Number 0000408448

I have been calling and emailing since the 15/03/2017, the number is always engaged and no one answers the emails.

Please send the  latest statement immediately!​

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Request ServiceeMkhondoElectricityTshilidzi Budeli 012 641

​Good day

Kindly forwad me invoices for below listed account to we currently want to pay account but we dont have all invoices from Jan 2017 to current

Account 0000301388

Your urgent response to this will be appreciated and i will be waiting for your call


Kind regards


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Request ServiceeMkhondoElectricityFayaaz Rasool+2765 373

Good Morning 

I would like to report a fault regarding my Actom Meter. I am currently based in Mpumalanga Piet Retief. I'm expriancing a lot of problems with regards to my meter as I am recharging everyday and my units are getting finish very quickly

I would appreciate it if you could send someone out to have a look at the fault as it is urgent.

Meter No. 10914138​
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Log a ComplaintAmsterdamMischief(Anonymous)

​Dogs running in the street possibly from 103/105 Vincent street - thank you.

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Request ServiceOther/RuralElectricityElize Appelgren - Mkateko Electrical & Earthing012-330

​Good day. Can you please assist with application forms for a new electricity supply for a Network Tower at Phola Park Alliance Church (Erf 6167) in Ethandakukhanya Extension 7.

We would like to apply for a new permanent electricity connection,we are situated in Pretoria and would appreciate it if someone can email me the documents and just tell me what I will need to take with along with the application forms and everything else that is needed. 


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Log a IssueeMkhondoElectricityVerina Boshoff

​hi. The street lights in Zuidend street from the spruit (which is where my house is) is not working at all and is a security risk. There is a constant walk through the spruit over the bridge here and it is pitch dark at night. Can you please fix the street lights here?

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Request ServiceeMkhondoSafetyJohan

​I just want to ask if Mkhondo Local Municipality can remove the tree in front of 4 Olmesdahl Street.

This tree is a not looking good in this street and on my property. Can I suggest that the municipality remove the tree because it is breaking up my pavement etc.

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Log a ComplaintAmsterdamNoise(Anonymous)

​Honde loop rond Vincent en Colley strate. 'n bruin hond en 'n swart hond. Elke liewe dag.

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Log a IssueOther/RuralElectricityMiss B M

Erf 6167. Ethandakukhanya Extension 7, Atlas Tower,​ has power outage. Please attend to it. and provide progress and feedback.
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